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Brookview House Welcomes New COO Lesbie Bramble

BOSTON (May 16, 2024) – Brookview House (“Brookview”) is delighted to announce that Lesbie Bramble has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Brookview. Bramble will be responsible for all program planning, program operations, and staffing. Together with the executive leadership team, Bramble will also represent Brookview to governmental and private organizations, and the wider community, stewarding Brookview’s long-term sustainability through building and maintaining its network of relationships.

Bramble was previously Brookview’s Director of Integrated Services, a role she held since joining the organization in 2018. In that time, Bramble was instrumental in seeing that Brookview regularly met and exceeded its annual placement goals set forth by the state, ensuring that as many families as possible were placed into sustainable permanent housing and that they remained successfully housed. Bramble also managed the day-to-day operations of the family shelter, hired and trained all staff, facilitated weekly case conferences for all departments, and much more. Prior to Brookview, the Boston resident was the Resident Services Coordinator at Winn Residential. Bramble also served as Program Coordinator and Senior Case Manager at Crittenton Women’s Union (now Economic Mobility Pathways/EMPath).

“Brookview has been fortunate to have a compassionate and dedicated leader like Lesbie Bramble as part of the fabric of our organization for nearly six years,” said Deborah Collins, CEO of Brookview House. “Lesbie’s diverse experience in direct services, housing advocacy, program development and community outreach, combined with her natural ability to build trust with residents, particularly our youth, make her an inspiring example and invaluable asset to Brookview.”

Each year, Brookview House provides 350 women and children experiencing homelessness with a safe, supportive environment in which to live and acquire and practice skills to pursue education, job training and employment in order to achieve long-term stability and economic independence. At-risk women and children who live in the community are also invited to participate in Brookview’s programs. Recognized nationally for its successful model, 92 percent of mothers who have lived at Brookview maintain permanent housing after leaving, and 88 percent of the children who participate in Brookview’s Youth Development Program graduate high school, compared to the national average of only 64 percent.

About Brookview House
Founded in 1990, Brookview is a Black- and Afro-Latina women-led organization that works for justice, equity and systemic change for low-income mothers and children in Boston. People of color are disproportionately impacted by economic and racial inequality, experiencing the trauma of homelessness and poverty at a higher rate as a result. Brookview uniquely understands the pain and hardship its families face because the team lives in and is representative of the community it serves. Through a two-generation, culturally-responsive approach, Brookview provides housing and a broad range of supportive programs to improve educational achievement, health and wellbeing, and economic independence.

Uplifting Our Beloved Community

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Founded in 1990, Brookview is a Black- and Latinx women-led organization that works for justice, equity and systemic change for mothers and children experiencing and at risk of homelessness, many with histories of domestic violence. Our mission is to help these families develop the skills necessary to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Through a two-generation, culturally-responsive approach, Brookview provides housing and a broad range of supportive programs to improve educational achievement, health and well-being, and economic independence.

Dear Friends,

Maribel’s life has been transformed with the help of Brookview House. She has regained her emotional health, is in an undergraduate degree program studying to become a social worker, and secured a permanent apartment of her own.

“The impact of the assistance I received from Brookview is tangible and profound. Brookview House saved my life and helped me create a second chance at living with dignity and purpose. Most importantly, it helped me show my son the power of never giving up and the importance of a supportive community,” reflects Maribel.

Maribel has always been determined to succeed in life. But life has thrown her more challenges than most people can imagine. She faced cycles of abusive relationships and lots of family chaos. As a result of the stress, her mental health suffered and ultimately she found herself jobless and homeless. She and her teenage son needed a lifeline.

From counseling services to academic enrichment programming, education and training opportunities, support with finding employment, and assistance with mapping out a pathway to permanent housing, Brookview is the lifeline that Maribel wished for and that she and her son needed.

When you donate to Brookview House, you are ensuring the availability of a safe haven where families can rebuild their lives, heal their wounds, and find a pathway to a brighter future.

Please help us meet our goal of raising $150,000 by year-end. With you by our side, we will sustain a strong and compassionate community where everyone has a chance to thrive.

With gratitude for your generosity,
The Rev. Dr. Althea M. Smith
Chair, Board of Directors



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Coding program aims to empower girls at homeless shelter

Brookview House in Boston offers free coding classes to girls who have experienced homelessness, in the hopes of garnering their interests in computer science and programming. Their experiences in the program have shaped their views on computer science, as well as their goals for the future. – The Christian Science Monitor

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Your contribution to Brookview supports education, training, behavioral health, and youth programs that end family homelessness.
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“Brookview helped me learn to communicate in English, recognized and nurtured my love of art. At first, I didn’t know how to speak English, and it was a big obstacle at school and in the community, so I needed to attend bilingual classes for two years. Now I go to regular classes; I have learned how to communicate in English very well. I joined the Teen Visionaries where I learned about domestic violence and tried photography for the first time. I also attended sculpture classes on Saturday mornings.” –Tania

Investing in Ending Family Homelessness

Investing in Ending Family Homelessness

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Founded in 1990, Brookview is a non-profit organization led by Black and Latinx women that works for justice, equity, and systemic change for low-income mothers and their children living in Boston. Our mission is to help families learn skills necessary to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty…



Damage from homelessness spreads outward, destroying lives, creating tragedies never imagined. School-age children and youth personify such a tragedy. The issue – homelessness – gets the attention, the children’s emotional needs are ignored…



Brookview has an impressive record of success. The agency has helped 92% of families in our program to leave the ranks of homelessness permanently. These numbers only tell part of the story….



Brookview House is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Contact the Development office at (617) 265-2965 x 208.



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