Brookview House is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Contact the Development office at (617) 265-2965.



Your gift goes a long way in providing quality housing, programs and services for low-income women and children. Give a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one. Click on DONATE NOW to make a difference in the lives of homeless families.


Our programs are always in need of books, arts and crafts supplies, games, and more. Click here to view our Wish List


Become a volunteer at Brookview. Share your time and your expertise. Brookview has opportunities for volunteers and mentors.


Introduce friends and colleagues to Brookview by hosting an event at your home. 



Individual & Small Group Donors

Oct. 1, 2022 – Sept. 30, 2023


Alejandra O’Connor

Anne & Ross Gelbspan

Adrienne Polk

Allison Payne

Althea Smith

Andrea Geyling-Moore

Andrew Grossi

April Teixeira

Ashley Dent

Barbara Anderson

Barbara Porter

Brandy Adelstein

Brian Connor

Carol Gallagher

Celeste Croxton-Tate

Ceronne Daly

Christopher Coley & Diane Suda

Chris & Lauren Froeb

Christopher Ganio

Deborah Collins

Deborah Hughes

Diana White

Dianne Walters

Elaine Lennox

Elana Cutler

Elizabeth Jo Anderson

Elizabeth Walsh

Elizabeth & Nicholas Deane

Ellen Weiner

Emily Barr

Erin Casali

Evelyn Berde

Evelyne Martial & Paul Alexander

Gabrielle J. Wirth

Genita Johnson

Gina Newton

Greg Connor

Henry & Tish Allen

Henry Toulmin

Hugh G. Wedge

Jackie Bush

Jackie & Moon Jewelry

James Keefe

James Martin

Janet Van Zandt

Jayne E. Murray

Jennifer Draicchio-Walsh

Jessica Putney

Jocelyn Joseph

John & Judith Connor

Jonathan Foot

Joshua Reynolds

Josie Headen

Karen Burns

Katrina Armstrong & Thomas Randall

Ken Yagoda

Keri for Kids

Kimberly Stanfield

Kristen Gillett

Laura Carman

Leslie C. Ash

Lewis Finfer

Lindsay & Robert Parker

Lloyd Axelrod

Lois Roach

Lola Remy

Lynn & William Osborn

Maarten Hemsley

Mairgrid Anderson

Maria J. Bagherzadeh

Mark Donnellan

Martha Fowlkes & Frank Egloff

Mary Vogel

Melissa Stanley

Meredith Turcotte

Michael & Naomi Rosenfeld

Michele Martin

Nancy Sullivan

Palmetta Jones

Patrece Joseph

Patricia Capalbo

Peggy Kutcher

Peter Mullin

Preston Morris

Rachel Coben & Roger Klein

Randy Albelda

Rebecca Pierce

Richard & Helen Jefferson

Robert Murphy

Roseanna Means

Ruth Hines

Sandy Bailey

Sheila Heen

Steven Atlas

Susan Davies & Richard Talkov

Suzanne Pan

Swapnil Sakorkar

Tahira Wilson-Guillermo

Tiffany Bailey

Timothy N. Manning

Todd Fry

Tracy Wemett

Wanda McClain

William Burns









Foundation & Corporate Donors

 Oct 1, 2022 – Sept 30, 2023


Akamai Foundation

Akamai Women Employees Resource Group

William Anderson Foundation

Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation


BHGRE The Shanahan Group

The Baupost Group, LLC

Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation

Bobbi Kristina Serenity Foundation

Bolding Hamilton Charitable Foundation

Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Trust Walden Company

Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Bright Funds Foundation

CareQuest Institute for Oral Health

Chadwick Martin Bailey and the ITA Group Foundation

Champions of Love Foundation

Cityscapes Boston

Connor Advertising

Cummings Foundation-One World Boston

Dalton Family Fund

Draper Labs

Gruber Family Foundation

Bushrod H. Campbell & Adah F. Hall Charity Fund

Lucia Henderson Charitable Foundation

Lawrence Model Lodging Houses Trust

Miss Wallace M. Leonard Foundation

Liberty Mutual Foundation

Loomis Sayles & Company

Paul & Joyce Mucci Family Foundation

Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Fund

Partners Healthcare System

Proctor & Gamble Corporate Giving Fund

Steven Eugene Remmer Fox Fund

Mia Sutphin Foundation

Shaw’s Star Market

 TJX Foundation


Verrill Foundation

Tugley Wood Foundation

Webster Bank

Wellington Management Charitable Foundation


First Church of Dorchester

Friends for Children

Parish of the Epiphany

Winter Walk Boston


Government Support

Government Support

Oct. 1, 2022 – Sept. 30, 2023

City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development

MA Department of Housing & Community Development

MA Department of Public Health


In-Kind Donors

Oct 1, 2022 – Sept 30, 2023

Chris & Lauren Froeb

Janice Goodman

Evelyne Martial

Andrea Geyling


Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Brown Brothers Harriman

Brown Middle School

Harpoon Brewery

Milton Academy

Nixon Peabody

The Portland Group (Splash)









Brookview has opportunities for volunteers and mentors. Volunteers with skills in fundraising, public relations, real estate and marketing are needed.

Volunteers who work in the youth program must be available between the hours of 2 and 6 in the afternoon.

For more information, email: Deborah Collins

Brookview has opportunities for graduate-level students in counseling and psychology to serve a practicum/internship leading to licensing.

For more information, E-mail: or

Call: Deborah Collins at 617-265-2965


Lead a workshop. We need facilitators to conduct the following workshops:

  • Landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Nutrition, shopping and healthy eating
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Health & Wellness
  • Career Exploration

For more information, contact:




Please let us know if you have something on the list to donate or are able to purchase an item for us. Because we are able to buy in bulk, donations of cash are preferred to outright purchases to make your giving go farther.

To make a donation from our Wish List:


  • New linens
  • Desk, floor and table lamps
  • Pots, pans, dishes, cooking utensils
  • Dishes, glasses, cups, utensils
  • High chairs


  • Books and videos
  • Arts & crafts supplies, globes, and games


  • Office supplies



Your support helps courageous moms lift their children out of homelessness.

Mail your check made payable to:
Brookview House, Inc.
2 Brookview Street
Dorchester, MA 02124-2740

Click on DONATE NOW to link to our secure donation site.

CONTACT: Deborah Collins


Phone: (617) 265-2965

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a type of giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support your favorite charities. An increasingly popular charitable vehicle, DAFs are an excellent way to both simplify your charitable giving and facilitate your strategic philanthropic goals.

After establishing a donor-advised fund, the donor may recommend grants to qualified public charities. They may also advise the sponsoring organization (e.g. Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, etc.) on the investment strategy for the charitable assets.




Brookview provided a safe home for my mom, my sisters and me. I was 10 years old when I started at Brookview, now I’m at the John D. O’Bryant Math and Science High School and maintaining good grades. Participating in Girls Who Code workshops was a huge help in my life. I was able to contribute everything I had learned in coding workshops in my everyday life. It helped me learn how to get out of my comfort zone and make new friends. My older sister is a high school graduate and is in college. My younger sister got into a better school due to Brookview. Brookview has programs where we get to learn so many new things about ourselves and the world around us. – Alexa


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In just an hour you can hear from someone who has been through our program
and tour our supportive housing and youth development space.

Staff and Board members will be on hand to answer questions and share their perspective on Brookview House.

To schedule a tour, contact the Development Office: